Roses In A Box

Feb 06 , 2018


Perla Aguilar

Roses In A Box

Our most popular item by far is our treasure box. Simulating roses in a box drives everyone crazy, men and women alike. Constantly on our to-go list. Want to learn how to make it? Follow the instructions below and you'll be a pro in no time!

Want to create your own? Do it! 

Preparation Time: 45min - 60min

Items needed: 

1. Wooden Box x1

2. Paint x1

3. Ribbon x1

4. Greenery x1

5. Baby Breath x1

6. Roses x 20

7. Rose Stems x 2

8. Oasis x2

9. Plastic Wrap x1

10. Glue Gun

You want to start with the box and the paint, unless you can find a black box, you'll have to paint it. Paint the inside and the outside of the box with black paint. 

While you are doing this, place the oasis inside water, the oasis will start to absorb water while you paint the box. 

Once the box is painted and the oasis is in the water, you want to start culling the roses, remember to cut the rose stem at an angle for better absorption. While you clean the roses, the box should be drying up. The box tends to dry up in about 5 to 10 minutes. 

Once dried, you want to get your plastic wrap and place it inside the box. The plastic wrap should be enough to cover the inside of the box, but not enough to get out. Cut accordingly. The plastic helps with the wet oasis. Once placed, you want to place both oasis inside the box on top of the plastic wrap.

Once the oasis are inside, you can begin by place the roses, ensure you cut the roses just enough to only have the petals show, not the stem. 20 roses will do the trick, and you want to evenly space them out. Don't worry about the oasis showing, that's what the greenery is for.

Now that the roses are in place, you want to start adding the greenery all around the oasis to ensure it is hidden. Don't add too much to the back, because you have to place the lid. 

The greenery can be placed at your liking, once the greenery is all around. You want to get the glue gun ready, and glue the back lid (some people prefer to use hinges for reusability) to the back of the box, insert the rose stems on each side, with the stems touching the inside of the front of the box and the lid. 

Now, all you need to add is the baby breath, add as much or as little as you want. Once you have added it, get your ribbon and use some glue to attach it around the box.

That's it. Easy enough? Instructions not clear? Let us know! We love hearing from you, and stay tune for more "how-to's." 

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